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  • PrintingOpen or Close


    Printing of Memorandum & Articles of Association


    Printing of Memorandum & Articles of Association : 100 copies - Rs. 105/- per page + Rs. 7/- per outer cover.
    50 copies - Rs. 95/- per page + Rs. 7/- each outer cover.
    Rate of paper will vary in case of White Maplitho / Executive Bond Paper
    Rate of outer cover will vary for Thicker Board / Glazed covers

    Printing of Share Certificates
    (Rate mentioned for one book containing 100 certificates.)
    Rs. 2000/-
    Rs. 850/-
    Rs. 850/-
    Rs. 850/-
    Rs. 3000/-
    Rs. 3000/-
    Rs. 3000/-
    Rs. 3000/-
    Rs. 3000/-

    Blank Certificate also available. - Rs. 10/- each.
    Printing of Annual Reports

    Printing of Deeds and Legal Documents

    Printing of Vouchers, Bill Books, Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Challans, Pamphelets etc.

  • Common SealsOpen or Close

    Embossing Metal Seals

    Sealing Pliers

    Rubber Stamps

    Self Inking Rubber Stamps


    Rs. 1500/- - 8/10 days for making
    Rs. 2500/- - 2/3 days for making ( urgent) (available in 2 models pocket size and table model - rate for both models is as above)
    Common Seals with logo (engraved on copper disc) - Rs.3500/-

  • Corporate StationaryOpen or Close

    Statutory Register under Companies Act, 1956 - Rs. 650/-

    Statutory Register under Companies Act, 2013 - Rs. 1050/-

    Loose Leaf Minutes Binders (Polypropylene) - Rs. 850/-

    Loose Leaf Minutes Sheets - Rs. 300/- for 1 bundle (containing 100 leaves)

    Fixed Assets Registers - Rs. 550/-

    Board Meetings Attendance Register - Rs. 100/-

    Board Meetings Register. - Rs. 500/-

    Annual General Meetings Register. - Rs. 500/-

    Annual General Meetings attendance register. - Rs. 500/-

  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)Open or Close

    We provide Digital Signature Certificates from SIFY with Alladin token and Driver disks.


    Class 2
    Rs. 1250/- for 1 year validity.
    Rs. 1500/- for 2 years validity.

    Class 3
    Rs. 4500/- for 1 year validity.

  • Forms, Challans & RegistersOpen or Close


    i. Combined Register under Karnataka Shops & Establishments Act
    ii. Form T - Muster Roll Cum Wages

    iii. Form F - Leave with wages Register
    iv. Form H - Leave Book
    v. Form 1 - Fines / Deductions / Advances Register
    vi. Form 9 - Overtime Register
    vii. Form D - Equal Remuneration Register
    viii. Form A, B, C - Bonus Registers
    ix. Inspectors Visit Book
    x. Wage Slip - VI
    xi. Form VII - Muster Roll
    xii. Form V - Register of Wages.
    xiii. Form Q - Appointment Order
    xiv. Form P - Holiday List
    xv. Form A - Registration / Renewal Form
    xvi. Form U - Combined Annual Return
    xvii. Form XIII
    xviii. Form A - Muster Roll under Maternity Benefit Act
    xix. Display Abstract of Karnataka Shops & Establishments Act

    i. Form A - Registration
    ii. Form F - Nomination
    iii. Form U - Display Abstract under Gratuity Act

    i. ESIC 11 - Accident Register
    ii. ESIC - Inspection Book
    iii. ESIC 6 - Employment Register
    iv. ESIC 1 - Declaration Form

    i. EPF 9 - Eligibility Register
    ii. EPF - Inspection Book
    iii Form 19 & 10c - Withdrawal Forms
    iv. Form 11
    v. Form 5/10

    i. Form 22 - Muster Roll Cum Wages
    ii. Form 14 - Leaves with Wages Register
    iii. Form 15 - Leave Book
    iv. Form 8 - Compensatory Holidays
    v. Annual Census
    vi. Form 11 - Adult Workers Register
    vii. Form 23 & 17 - Accident Register with Forms
    viii. Form 16 - Health Register
    ix. Inspection Book
    x. Form D - Equal Remuneration Register
    xi. Form 1 - Register of Fines / Deductions / Advances
    xii. Form 9 - Overtime Register
    xiii. Form A - Muster Roll under Maternity Benefit Act
    xiv. Form 33 - Register of Tight Fitting Cloths
    xv. Form 40 - Register of Sickness
    xvi. Form 13 - Hazardous Waste Management
    xvii. Form 19 - Display Abstract of Factories Act
    xviii. Form 20 - Annual Returns
    xix. Form 21 - Half Yearly Returns

    i. Combined Register
    ii. Form XVI - Muster Roll
    iii. Form XVII - Register of Wages
    iv. Form XII - Register of Contracts
    v. Form XIII - Register of Workmen Employed by Contractor
    vi. Form XX - Register of Fines
    vii. Form XXI - Register of Advances
    viii. Form XXII - Register of Deductions
    ix. Form XXIII - Register of Overtime
    x. Form XIV - Employment Card
    xi. Form XIX - Wage Slip
    xii. Inspectors Visit Book
    xiii. Form VI A / VI B - Notice of Commencement / Completion of Contract
    xiv. Form XV - Service Certificate
    xv. Form IV - Application for licence
    xvi. Form XXIV - Return to be sent by the Contractor to the Licensing Officer
    xvii. Form XXV - Annual Returns to be filed by the Principle Employer
    xviii. Form XVIII - Combined Muster Roll cum Wages

    i. Register of Muster Roll
    ii. Register of Wages
    iii. Register of Beneficiaries to be maintained by the Employer
    iv. Register of Building Workers Employed by the Employer
    v. Register of Overtime
    vi. Register of Advances
    vii. Register of Fines
    viii. Register of Deductions for Damages or Loss
    ix. Inspector's Report
    x. Wage Slip

    i. Manufacturers INVOICE
    ii. Dealers Invoice
    iii. ARE -1
    iv. ARE - 2
    v. ARE - 3
    vi. ARE - 3A
    v. Annexure II - Challan
    vi. Annexure VI - Challan
    vii. RG 1 - Stock Register
    viii. RG 23A Part I
    ix. RG 23A Part II
    x. RG 23D
    xi. RG 16
    xii. Annexure V
    xiii. Annexure IV - Raw Materials Register
    xiv. Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
    xv. Annexure 10 - Inputs , Capital Goods

    i. IEC Code Application - AAYAT / INRYAT Forms
    ii. Annexure 9 - Challan
    iii. D3 Register
    iv. Annexure D1 Register
    v. Annexure D2 Register
    vi. Annexure D3 Register
    vii. Annexure D4 Register
    v. Annexure D5 Register
    vi. Annexure D6 Register
    vii. Annexure D7 Register
    viii. Annexure D8 Register
    ix. Annexure D9 Register
    x. Annexure D10 Register
    xi. Annexure D11 Register
    xii. Annexure D12 Register
    xiii. Import Register
    xix. Annexure 7 - STR Register
    xx. Bill of Entry - White / Yellow / Green
    xxi. Shippings Bills - White / yellow / Green / Pink
    xxii. Export Invoice
    xxiii. Export Packing List

    i. Form II H
    ii. Form II M
    iii. Form IIN
    iv. Form I - BH
    v. Form I - BM
    vi. Form III- H
    vii. Form III - M
    viii. Form IV - H

    i. All Returns under INCOME TAX - Form 1, 2, 3, 4, 4S, 5, 7, V
    ii. IT - 15H, 15G
    iii. Challans - 280, 281
    iv. IT - 49A, Pan Correction Forms

  • General StationaryOpen or Close

    2 Column / 3 Column Cash Books
    General Ledgers
    Plain Ruled Registers
    Attendance Registers with Timing
    Visitors Book
    Vehicle Log Book

    Bank Pass Books
    Cash / Debit / Credit / Journal Vouchers
    VAT Purchase Register
    VAT Sales Register